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We believe child abuse is preventable. Open communication about personal safety and sex creates a protective bond between parent and child, increases confidence for both, and instills knowledge that makes children and teens much less vulnerable.

One of the best ways to reduce child sexual abuse is the education of responsible adults. We want to empower caregivers, community leaders, government officials, and the media to be intentional and steadfast in their protective behaviors by educating themselves on how to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse.

You are not alone. Let’s break through the stigma and shame and talk about it. When you’re ready, we invite you to share your story. Your story can uplift others and encourage someone to continue their prevention efforts.

Protect Our Children is an state-wide ecosystem of partners aimed at increasing knowledge about child sexual abuse and promoting pro-prevention attitudes and prevention behaviors.

Knowledge & Awareness

We are empowering our neighbors, friends, and community with adult-based prevention education, so they are equipped to face this problem and feel confident to help.

Building Confidence

Our core curriculum comes from Darkness To Light who specializes in prevention of child sexual abuse. Partner sites offer an array of abuse prevention trainings and resources. Check out what is available right now in your area!

Training & Tools

of Protect Our Children training attendees would recommend it to a friend or coworker.





With a state-wide network of resources and education to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse.

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